This blog is my take on dating for single, introverted, heterosexual men in their 20s/30s who are interested in serious, healthy, and long-term relationships.

I wrote this blog because I could not find any good dating resources for men who just don’t know where to start. The internet seemed to offer either misogynistic “advice” from the manosphere or meaningless, politically-correct platitudes like “be yourself”. Additionally, both men and women in our society seem to spend more time shaming men who are unsuccessful at dating, rather than offering help, or at least sympathy!

While my focus is on advice for men, I do try to be gender-neutral where possible. My blog assumes that the reader lives in a typical medium-large American city, but does not assume that the reader has a lot of dating experience. It avoids common advice like “go to a bar”, “go to church”, and “be attractive” because these things don’t work for everyone.

I try to be analytical and write from the perspective of a radical behaviorist.


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