Speed Dating

Man: I love speed dating because I can meet lots of girls for cheap.
Woman: [laughs] Oh my god, you actually said that!

Speed dating is a fun, fresh concept that you can add to your dating toolbox. At these events, you meet 10-20 people within 5-10 years of your age and talk to each person for 5 minutes (all numbers are approximate). At the end, you nominate the people you want to see again. If there’s mutual nominations, the organizer will exchange your contact information with your matches.

There are some major advantages to speed dating:

  1. You can practice making first impressions or conversation: These are very important skills for dating. If you are nervous or don’t have much experience, the great news is that the stakes are super low since there’s lots of other people who you’ll talk to and the events are cheap. You can even prepare lines to say, in advance. In fact, I usually split the people into 2 groups and say different things to each group to test what seems to have a better effect.
  2. You can flirt with people who normally wouldn’t give you a chance: You have a captive audience for 5 minutes at a time and people tend to be polite even if they aren’t interested in you. This is very helpful if you’ve been having trouble getting an in-person date recently.
    And does the shallow side of you wonder what it’s like to be on a date (of sorts) with a stunningly attractive woman or an incredibly handsome man? Now you know (and the answer is that there’s nothing special).
  3. It’s relatively cheap: These events cost about $40. Divided by the number of people you meet, this is good value. And if you’re really stingy, these events are usually held at a bar so you could just enter the bar right after the end of the event and then approach people without paying. Obviously, no 5 minute or captive audience rule applies in this situation.

There are some drawbacks:

  1. It relies heavily on good first impressions: This disadvantages introverts and is the corollary to first advantage listed above. It can also be harder to get a follow-up date compared to online dating, especially if the rules for the event limit you to a certain number of nominations.
  2. You might not having anything in common with the people you meet: This makes it unlike meeting people through activities or online dating, and drastically reduces your chance of getting a follow-up date.
  3. These events don’t tend to be held frequently
  4. It can be overwhelming meeting so many people: You may start forgetting who is who and nominate people based purely on shallow criteria.
  5. It can be awkward: You could be stuck for 5 minutes with someone you really don’t want to talk to. Or you could end up nominating 2 people who both nominated you but also happen to be friends.
  6. Many people aren’t serious

Lastly, if you are wondering who the not-so-smooth man from the quote was, I’ll give you a hint: He writes a blog on dating for introverts 🙂

Until next time my friends, keep dating!


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