Does She Like Me?

In short, the answer is “No”.

Let’s step back for a bit to examine why.

Firstly, recognize that a good friendship is a significant part of a good romantic relationship. As an aside, note that a relationship also involves a physical aspect, otherwise you are probably just friends.

Suppose you have a same-sex “friend” that continually ignores your emails, always turns you down in-person when you ask them to hang out, and never invites you to their parties? They aren’t being your friend, are they? Hey, maybe they don’t even remember your name!

So what should you do? Well, you should stop trying to hang out with them and you should make other friends because they clearly don’t like you.

You don’t have to be told that they don’t like you – their actions speaks for themselves. You would only be making a fool of yourself by asking “Why aren’t you my friend?” or “What is the state of our friendship?” The only possible outcome is being told something defensive and humiliating, not to mention being defriended on Facebook.

Look, everyone is different. As long as you aren’t completely far removed from social norms, you’ll be compatible with some people, but probably only about 15% of the population.

What makes people compatible? What gives rise to chemistry in dating relationships? It’s hard to say but it probably includes things like similar values, upbringing, socioeconomic status, and levels of physical attractiveness.

So back to the girl in the title of this blog entry. If you have doubts about whether she likes you, the bottom line is that she probably doesn’t. If a girl likes you, she won’t hide that fact because she’s looking for a partner too and doesn’t want to risk losing a great catch (i.e. you). Unless of course the girl is playing mind games but in that case, you should ditch her anyway.

Stopping begging for people to like you – seek out those who like you for who you are and spend quality time with them.

Until next time my friends, keep dating!


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